Architect Rendering


We curate engaging experiences connecting us with the performing arts in deep and meaningful ways. We enhance the lives of the citizenry of Washington County, educate present and future artists, inspire synergistic, cultural, and civic partnerships, and bring distinction to the community as a leader in the arts.

Our Vision

  • Inspire - As creators, collaborators, and catalysts, we encourage imagination and spark innovation through authentic, creative, and shared experiences. The unforgettable connections created on this world-class stage inspire both audience and the artist.
  • Entertain - We engage artists and performers of the highest caliber from around the world to entertain the diverse population of our region year-round.
  • Educate - We curate powerful education engagement and accessibility for students, families, and community organizations. We honor the legacy of the arts established in our region and aim to preserve our culturally rich heritage by educating future generations.
  • Unite - We ignite civic engagement, build bridges of understanding, and unite citizens regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion. We embrace the ideal to stand side-by-side to create a culture of collaboration honoring equity, diversity, and inclusion.